Recently, TikTok has become a widely used social media platform, and I’ve noticed many TikTok channels producing videos on programming that seem beneficial. However, I genuinely don’t believe that short videos are an effective way to learn and absorb programming knowledge. In fact, short videos can have a negative impact on the programming learning process.

It’s evident that short videos offer certain advantages. They provide convenience, flexibility, and engagement, delivering knowledge quickly and in an easily digestible format. A short video can offer a brief tutorial, explain a fundamental concept, or even introduce a new programming language within a few seconds. This may spark interest and motivate individuals to learn programming.

However, as a technical field, programming requires deep thinking and a high level of concentration, elements that short videos lack. The joy of programming doesn’t come within 30 seconds; it arises from hours of thinking, coding, testing, bug fixing, and finally experiencing the thrill when the code runs successfully. In my opinion, the joy of programming is not just a fleeting moment; it’s an ongoing process of exploration and experience.

Once accustomed to receiving dopamine rewards from instant results like those in short videos, many people may lack the patience to pursue long-term goals such as learning programming. They seek quick, momentary pleasures. Short videos are gradually disrupting the necessary focused thinking of a programming learner.


The truth is: programming is not always full of inspiration; it can be challenging and sometimes boring. Programming is akin to a gamer playing for hours, concentrating on each combat phase, and ultimately feeling joyous upon achieving victory. Watching short videos is like playing a time-killing game for a minute.

You’re watching on a vertical screen, it’s entertaining for a moment, but forgettable in a few seconds. You can’t take notes, summarize important content (and you wouldn’t want to do that). You also can’t immediately practice the knowledge learned by coding while watching short videos.

While TikTok may provide some basic information and an introduction to programming, it cannot replace mainstream learning resources such as books, online courses, or programming forums. For those genuinely interested in comprehensively absorbing programming knowledge, investing time and effort in quality learning materials and practical exercises is essential. The factors mentioned above cannot be fully expressed in short TikTok videos.

In conclusion, to succeed in programming and life in general, we need to cultivate deep thinking, focus, and build long-term discipline and plans. Enjoying longer-lasting activities such as reading books, exercising, or programming is crucial, and these activities cannot be accomplished in 30 seconds.